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WOW – I never realized that the VAT Marketing Group has become a technical call center for many of our clients. I think that once they found out that I’ve been training THOUSANDS of professionals in the use and utilization of computer technology, and can talk in plain every day realtor-eze, they’ve come to us to get help with their every-day technology issues. What is a zip file; Dropbox what? Where did my downloaded file go? My computer speaker has been talking to me …… (yikes on that one… LOL)… We’ve decided to take our skills (I’ve been training and consulting since 1980) and create a series of BASIC on-site classes specifically designed for Realtors. Each class is 2 hours long and hosts a minimum of (5) students. If your interested, drop me a line. Contact me either via phone – 732.534.0438 or by email at mike@virtualaccesstours.com.


Frustrated Realtor